Lake Vacations | Why Lake Mead Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

With summer just around the corner, families are eagerly planning their vacations. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting experience that offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, […]

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Lake Mead to Las Vegas: 5 Top Things To See or Do Along the Way  

If you’re making the trip from Lake Mead to Las Vegas, you may want to plan a few stops along the way. It’s not a difficult trip, often taking under […]

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Date: 04.12.2023 Category: Hiking Houseboat Vacations Things To Do

Here’s What the Inside of a Houseboat Looks Like  

Have you thought about renting a houseboat to explore all that Lake Mead has to offer? It is quite the experience. You’ll get to spend as much time as you […]

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Date: 02.20.2023 Category: Houseboat Tips Houseboat Vacations

Top Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas You’ll Never Forget  

The perfect bachelor party should be a reflection of the bachelor. It needs to be an amazing experience that he would like to do. Yes, there are all kinds of […]

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Best Lake Mead Beaches For Swimming  

Lake Mead is truly an outdoor-lovers paradise. While just a stone’s throw from Las Vegas, the Lake Mead National Recreation Area is home to some of the best water destinations […]

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Date: 02.16.2022 Category: Houseboat Vacations Things To Do

Things to Know Before Renting a Houseboat on Lake Mead  

Every year, thousands of people travel to Las Vegas to visit the casinos and try their chances with lady luck. For others, the lure of camping or hiking in the […]

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Boating on Lake Mead | What to Rent, How to Pack and What to See  

Lake Mead is America’s first National Recreation Area. It has more than 750 miles of shoreline to explore. While there are plenty of walking trails and beautiful attractions and amenities […]

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Top Lake Mead Boat Rentals | Houseboats, Personal Watercraft and More  

When you’re planning a trip to Lake Mead, spending some time on a boat is a must. The question is, what type of experience do you want to have? With […]

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Date: 03.18.2021 Category: Houseboat Vacations Things To Do

Houseboats Rentals | Why Spring is the Best Time to Vacation at Lake Mead 

Everyone visits Lake Mead during the summer months. There’s no doubt there is much to do during that time of year. Yet, at Callville Bay Resort & Marina at Lake […]

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Lake Mead Jet Ski Rentals | What to Know & Where to Go  

When you book a houseboat for the week, you get to enjoy 360-degree waterfront views for the duration of your vacation. Clearly, you are ready to spend some serious time on the water, and there’s no better way to maximize your time than by renting a jet ski (or personal watercraft). Jet ski rentals allow you to make the most of your vacation on Lake Mead, especially if you have recently booked a weekend getaway.

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Date: 10.15.2020 Category: Houseboat Vacations Things To Do