Houseboats Rentals | Why Spring is the Best Time to Vacation at Lake Mead 

Everyone visits Lake Mead during the summer months. There’s no doubt there is much to do during that time of year. Yet, at Callville Bay Resort & Marina at Lake Mead, we want to introduce you to everything there is to love about this area in the springtime!

Booking a houseboat rental is an excellent way to enjoy this area just a bit more. Why rent a houseboat? That’s the fun part. From the experience on the water to the ability to totally isolate from the world around you, there’s nothing else quite like it. As you think about houseboat rentals, let’s consider why you should visit this spring.

There’s More Room at the Beach

As noted, many people taking a vacation to Lake Mead do so in the summer months. The area is teeming with people – sometimes far more so than the fish. While that’s a good and unique experience, it makes for crowding along the beaches. In fact, a mid-springtime visit is sure to be the socially distanced experience you’re after.

The beaches have far more room for you to beach your houseboat. That gives you more room to spread out and fewer people making noise around you. The fewer crowds make every attraction and feature in the area a bit easier to enjoy as well.

The Bass Fishing Is Better

If you’re looking to catch yourself some bass, now is the time. Bass and striped bass make their way closer to the surface during the warmer months, typically congregating in a cove. These fish aren’t too choosy with their bait, either. We’ve heard anglers having success by using anything from crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs to even topwater plugs on occasion.

Bluegills might also show up at the end of your line during this time of year. They’re most likely to hang out near the canyon walls, so keep that in mind when you’re trying to find a good place to cast your reel.

Birdwatching Is Excellent in the Spring

At Callville Bay, we also encourage people to slow down and check out the birds in the area. While most are thinking about the fish, in the sky you’ll find some impressively beautiful birds. It’s common to see Bald Eagles during this time of the year, perched in their nest throughout the spring. It’s a beautiful sight you’ll never forget. The best area to find them is in the Overton Arm area of the lake.

You’ll see a variety of other birds during this time of the year as well. Many of them have migrated from the North, opening the door for a wide range of colors, sizes and sounds all around you. Birding around Lake Mead is a lot of fun, especially when you’re able to discover new birds that you’ve never seen in person before. All you need is quiet, a pair of binoculars, and your camera with you.

See the Area’s Sights with Fewer People in Your Way

We love our visitors here at Callville Bay, but the crowds can sometimes get in the way of the natural beauty that is so prominent in this area. When you stop to take a look around, you’ll notice you’re in an incredible space. Don’t stop there. Head out to do some exploring around every corner.

You can check out the Lake Mead Recreation Area. Here you’ll not only be able to houseboat, swim, and fish but you’ll also have the chance to hike, cycle and camp. This year-round playground spans over 1.5 million acres consisting of canyons, mountains, reservoirs, and valleys. Catch a glimpse of Hoover Dam from the water or find peace and quiet in one of the park’s nine wilderness areas.

You can spend some time in Las Vegas. It’s about 2 hours away. But, if you want truly beautiful natural areas, the hiking around Lake Mead is far better. The weather is perfect this time of year. You’ll be able to see some days hitting closer to 80-90 degrees. That gives you ample ability to just head out for a hike with the warm sun on your back.

Warm Up in the Springs

Another fantastic way to spend your springtime with us is in the hot springs. Your houseboat rentals are just a short distance from Gold Strike Hot Springs. We encourage you to take a long hot bath here, relaxing and unwinding. There’s nothing like it. Just be sure to plan your visit in early spring because this hiking trail is closed from May – September.

If you’re looking for more experiences like this, spend another day in Arizona Hot Springs. It requires more (strenuous) hiking but is excellent in the cooler months.

Enjoy the Sunset with Your Family

After the visitors leave, the natural beauty of this area comes to life. That’s captured, easily, in the sunsets that take place during the spring months. The sky turns a beautiful pink/purple color that’s vibrant and nothing short of stunning. You’ll see the mountains and canyons in the distance, creating a beautiful, photo-perfect image (you need a selfie here).

Enjoy a meal while watching the sunset with your family. Capture those last minutes of your spring vacation with an impressive background.

Why Rent a Houseboat Here?

Lake Mead is outstanding, and houseboat rentals make it easier for you to see it all in a unique way. When you need a vacation to recharge, this is where you’ll want to be. Why houseboat rentals?

  • You have ample more freedom, especially when compared to hotels.
  • You’re surrounded by nature and not commercialism.
  • There’s no limit to the amount of exploration you can do.
  • Fish when and where you want – and go swimming at the same time.
  • Enjoy your private group without having to worry about others around you.

You Have Options This Spring – Visit Lake Mead for Houseboat Rentals

Could the best time to visit Lake Mead be in the spring months? We think so. There are numerous animals running nearby and you’re sure to be able to fill your box with bass among other fish. Yet, the area’s many benefits really come to life during the spring because there are fewer people and more opportunities.

Whether you are coming with the family or on a solo trip, Callville Bay welcomes you to our spring in this beautiful area. Our houseboat rentals make it easy for you to really explore the area with more comfort than ever before especially in this area’s natural paradise.