Houseboats Rentals | Why Spring is the Best Time to Vacation at Lake Mead 

Everyone visits Lake Mead during the summer months. There’s no doubt there is much to do during that time of year. Yet, at Callville Bay Resort & Marina at Lake […]

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Las Vegas: Outdoor Activities Near Lake Mead

Lake Mead may appear to be an oasis in the desert, but have no fear — this man-made body of water is no mirage. It really is possible to enjoy a refreshing vacation with the backdrop of red rocks juxtaposing the crystal clear water, even in the heart of Nevada.

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Experience Nature With Lake Mead Houseboat Rentals

A least a hundred arguments exist as to why a vacation on a rented houseboat is superior to your traditional hotel-by-the-beach: There’s less packing to do, no daily traffic to […]

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Date: 07.20.2018 Category: Houseboating and Wildlife

Sightseeing spots near Lake Mead that will give you Goosebumps

Imagine approaching a place you’ve never visited before and immediately getting goosebumps. Those are the types of moments we live for. Although there are plenty of sightseeing spots near Lake […]

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Date: 02.06.2018 Category: Houseboating and Wildlife

Best Lakes For Houseboats | Best Hikes At Lake Mead

​Lake Mead is one of the best lakes for houseboats in the southwestern United States. With over 1.5 million acres, however, Lake Mead National Recreation Area includes far more than […]

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Date: 08.07.2017 Category: Houseboating and Wildlife

Fishing at Lake Mead: Striped Bass, Catfish, and Bluegills

Houseboat fishing lacks the long trek down to the water, there are no crowds of fishermen with which to contend, and best of all, you can wake in the early morning hours, yawn, stretch, and start fishing first on your time. You don’t even have to the leave the comfort of your deck to reel in the generous striped bass, catfish and bluegills that Lake Mead provides.

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Date: 07.13.2016 Category: Fishing Houseboating and Wildlife