Top Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas You’ll Never Forget  

The perfect bachelor party should be a reflection of the bachelor. It needs to be an amazing experience that he would like to do. Yes, there are all kinds of other “traditional” kinds of bachelor parties, but why not think outside the box?

If he loves spending time in the great outdoors and being active, why not set up the ultimate outdoor bachelor party? There’s plenty of things to do and places to go, and you can really tailor it to fit him like a glove. Here are just a few options to consider, especially if you want an extreme bachelor party that is not Las Vegas.

Hike the Grand Canyon

There are hiking opportunities for everyone here. There are smaller hikes within the canyon that take a few hours. You can hike down into the canyon directly to the Colorado River and even camp right there (although a reservation is required for this), or, for the ultimate hiking experience, you can hike around the entire canyon. You don’t need any special guide for this, but hiking from the South Rim to the North is an amazing adventure and one that the bachelor will remember forever.

So, whatever level of hiker, there’s something for him. And even if he wants to kick back a bit, there’s one of the greatest National Park hotels directly overlooking the canyon for amazing views, even better star gazing, plus restaurants and bars for some added fun.

Rent a Houseboat at Lake Mead

There’s something about getting onto a boat and just hanging out on the water for an afternoon. It’s slow, but perfect for dropping anchor and enjoying food, playing games, and maybe cracking open some ice-cold refreshments. A houseboat takes this a step further.

A houseboat combines RVing and being on a boat and wraps it into one amazing adventure. You can go out on the water, hang out on deck and play games like cornhole, beer pong, or just reminisce about the bachelor and his younger days. You can also navigate the houseboat to different areas to set up camp or to meet new friends. One of the best options for this is to rent a houseboat at Callville Bay Resort & Marina at Lake Mead.

Lake Mead is already an epicenter for outdoor activities. With Callville Bay Resort, you can park your vehicles and even rent out RVs here for the night if you’d rather not stay on the water the entire time. So when you want a water and beach adventure, consider booking your time with Callville Bay Resort & Marina. Our staff here is friendly and will work with you to make sure your buddy has the best bachelor party experience possible.

Kick Back With a Fishing Trip

Maybe you want something that’s relaxing. Or perhaps you want to add adventure to your bachelor party. The beautiful thing about fishing is you can make it one or the other. It’s easy enough to wrap fishing into a traditional camping or canoeing trip. Just pack your fishing rods, pick up some bait, and head out. It’s relaxing, and whether you catch something or not almost becomes secondary. It’s a great, relaxing opportunity. And for some, there’s no greater heaven than being on the water and fly fishing.

Of course, maybe you want to go to the other side of the spectrum. You can head out for some deep-sea fishing opportunities. If you want to fly out to a destination, some of the best fishing in the country is off the coast of Florida or even Hawaii. You can even find similar opportunities in the Gulf of California, so if you’re in the Southwest, the drive down isn’t bad, and it’s some seriously underrated fishing (not to mention your bachelor dollar would go further in Mexico).

Whatever you decide to do, if you want to add fishing to the list, there’s a fishing opportunity for everyone, even those who don’t fish all that much.

Soak up the Sun in Lake Havasu City

Maybe you want to spend time outside in the sun and don’t really feel like being that active on some days. If so, Lake Havasu City is perfect for that. With the damming of the Colorado River there is a large, calm, lake for you to enjoy. You can post up on the manmade beach, or you can rent out a boat and jetski if that’s more of your thing. Then, when it’s all said and done, you can check out the original London Bridge, take a photo opp with a red English phone booth, and stop by some of the local restaurants.

Explore the Wave

The “Wave” Canyon is in Antelope Canyon. You’ve likely seen pictures of the amazing wavy canyon in guide books and travel shows. However, it is also one of the most difficult public destinations to explore in the United States. That is because only a handful of people are allowed in every day. This is designed to not only prevent deterioration of the Wave but to ensure you are able to snag the perfect photo without having a thousand people bumping around. The majesty of the scene is about being as alone as you can in the canyon.

Just how limited is it? 64 people get in per day. That’s it. So how do you get in? The first is you need to apply for an advanced lottery. This lottery is set several months in advance. If you manage to score reservations you are in luck. If you don’t make the advanced lottery you can show up to the canyon station and attempt to earn a live lottery place. 32 people are granted the lottery in advance, and 32 people are granted the lottery on the spot. Just make sure you have backup plans if you don’t score the in-person lottery.

The Ultimate Outdoor Bachelor Party Awaits

Whether you feel like going for a hike or going for a swim, there’s so much for you to see and do. It really all comes down to what the man of the hour will want to do. Regardless of if he knows what is going on or if you’re planning the party as a surprise, you have plenty of options and ample opportunities. And, if you are interested in spending some time out on the water on the beautiful Lake Mead, our staff here at Callville Bay Resort & Marina is here to lend a helping hand. Reach out to us today!