10 Fun Things To Do on the 4th of July (and All Summer Long)  

Date: June 15, 2022
Category: Things To Do

Now that we’re approaching Independence Day, it means one major thing — it’s time to gather together and celebrate with some fun activities with the people you love most! With plenty of festive ideas for outings, you can make this 4th of July weekend the best one yet. We’re talking houseboat rentals, backyard barbecues, yummy treats over a campfire, and so much more.

Enjoy a patriotic activity with the people you care about, from camping with the family to watching fireworks with friends, you’ll be celebrating America’s birthday in true star-spangled fashion. Even if you choose an activity you don’t usually do, you’ll still have a good time.

As long as you’re having fun (and eating good food), it will be a good day, no matter how you spend it. If you’re trying to figure out how to celebrate this upcoming 4th of July, here are 10 of our top recommendations:

1. Go Camping

The great thing about camping as a 4th of July weekend activity is that you can create a camping environment in multiple ways. If you can’t make it out to an actual campground this holiday, why not try backyard camping?

Set up a tent in your backyard complete with a campfire, s’mores, hot dogs and scary stories. If you want to switch it up and go camping elsewhere, the RV park at Callville bay Resort & Marina is a fantastic spot for enjoying the recreational activities around the lake. We offer five hook-up spaces for rental in our Trailer Village — perfect for 4th of July camping or anytime during the summer!

2. Throw a Backyard Cookout Party

If you’re ready to fire up the grill this summer, a backyard cookout is the best choice for celebrating with your family and friends. Burgers and hot dogs are a must-have for a backyard cookout, but don’t forget yummy appetizers and fun cocktails for adults to cool off with while you’re in the heat.

Tip: make sure your guests are comfortable by offering lots of seating, shade and vegetarian options or any other dietary needs that might be required. The last thing you want is to leave your friends hungry because there wasn’t a good variety of food choices. Consider adding grilled corn on the cob or baked potatoes to the menu.

3. Watch Fireworks From a High Point in Your City

If you don’t have enough backyard space to have fireworks yourself, why not gather your friends together and watch local fireworks from a high point in your city? It’s a great way to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank. These fireworks will be a gorgeous sight to see to top off a hot summer day.

4. Attend a Local Festival

No matter where you live, there’s bound to be a local 4th of July weekend festival of sorts to help you celebrate without even having to make big plans. Many cities have 4th of July festivals where they feature free live music, parades, arts and crafts, food, drinks for adults and fireworks.

5. Bake Patriotic Desserts

A 4th of July summer celebration wouldn’t be complete without yummy treats, and what sounds better than red, white and blue cupcakes? You can even add to the fun by having a friendly decorating contest or bake-off, where you and your loved ones get to bake goodies and see who boasts the most impressive patriotic decorations.

6. Host a Game Night

If you need an activity that can include all members of the family, consider hosting a game night with all of your favorite board games. You can even stay on theme with the patriotic holiday and try out some patriotic games like America-themed trivia questions. The options are endless with a game night, and it offers your guests the ability to choose what they want to play. You can even break into smaller groups so that everyone gets a chance to play a variety of games.

7. Have a Jam Session

We all love blasting our favorite music at a party, but why not kick it up a notch and have a little jam session with your friends? You can either sing along to karaoke tracks, or you can get your musician friends to pull out their instruments and have a sing-along together. And, of course, you have to incorporate some patriotic tunes!

8. Get Out The Sparklers

Maybe you can’t make it to the local fireworks show; instead, why not get some sparklers and have fun that’s safer for kids and for adults alike? These are great for those who want to host a party at their house but are limited on backyard space or live in a small area with neighbors close by. Sparklers are also great because they’re perfect for a photo opportunity!

9. Patriotic Photo Booth

People love taking pictures with their friends, so give your guests something fun to do and set up a photo booth with fun patriotic props! You can either DIY a photo booth or purchase or rent one locally. Either way, it’s a fun way to make long-lasting memories and keep everyone entertained all night long for your celebration.

10. Rent a Houseboat at Callville Bay

Here at Callville Bay, we offer six houseboat models that are perfect for a 4th of July celebration or any summer celebration, for that matter. Imagine private coves that are the best backdrop for a sunset party and days filled with memories and laughter. Our houseboats are so much fun for big groups wanting to get together and celebrate in the heat of summer. From more modest boats to luxury, we offer something for everyone.

Callville Bay Resort & Marina is located just about 45 minutes from Las Vegas at Lake Mead. Whether you’re driving from Los Angeles, Salt Lake City or Phoenix, we’re in an excellent location for planning a 4th of July celebration. Book your houseboat at Callville Bay today, or contact us for more information.