Checklist: What to Bring

Houseboat Gear: Top 10 Items

  1. Sunscreen – you’re going to need plenty of it, even during the cooler and more cloudy days. Waterproof sunscreen is also highly suggested!
  2. Beach Towels – one for every few days that you are on the lake.
  3. Camera – a vacation this great needs proof. Don’t forget to bring the charger!
  4. Favorite Spices – everyone has their favorite grilling and cooking recipes. Bring your favorite spices from home.
  5. Ice – see our Frozen Goods section above for more info on this. Ice is available for purchase at all of our marinas.
  6. Hiking Boots or Shoes – there’s so much to discover along the shores at every lake, so be sure to bring appropriate footwear.
  7. Ski Vests – bring your own personal ski vest or purchase a ski vest at the Marina Store.
  8. Water – you’re going to get thirsty with all the fun you’ll be having!
  9. Music Player – all of our houseboats come equipped with music-player connections. Keep the good times rolling with your favorite tunes!
  10. First Aid Kit – all of our houseboats come equipped with first aid kits, but you know your guests best! Make sure to pack whatever you think you may need in case of an emergency.
What to pack for your houseboat vacation