Lake Vacations | Why Lake Mead Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

With summer just around the corner, families are eagerly planning their vacations. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting experience that offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, […]

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Here’s What the Inside of a Houseboat Looks Like  

Have you thought about renting a houseboat to explore all that Lake Mead has to offer? It is quite the experience. You’ll get to spend as much time as you […]

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Date: 02.20.2023 Category: Houseboat Tips Houseboat Vacations

Key Things to Know About Boat Navigation Lights  

One of the best experiences you can have on the water is by driving a boat. Even if you have little or no experience piloting a boat, you can learn, […]

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Date: 12.14.2022 Category: Houseboat Tips

Renting a Boat at a Lake Mead Marina? Here’s What to Know  

Looking for an adventurous week or two on a sparkling, sunny lake? Planning a romantic getaway or a family vacay? Thinking about boat rentals at a Lake Mead marina? You’ve […]

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Date: 10.14.2022 Category: Houseboat Tips

Things to Know Before Renting a Houseboat on Lake Mead  

Every year, thousands of people travel to Las Vegas to visit the casinos and try their chances with lady luck. For others, the lure of camping or hiking in the […]

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Boating on Lake Mead | What to Rent, How to Pack and What to See  

Lake Mead is America’s first National Recreation Area. It has more than 750 miles of shoreline to explore. While there are plenty of walking trails and beautiful attractions and amenities […]

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10 Tips For Operating a Houseboat Safely

For many, the idea of a houseboat vacation is alluring. It’s a unique and distinct experience and one that many vacationers have never enjoyed before. They imagine themselves lounging on the deck while soaking up the 360-degree waterfront views.

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Date: 07.08.2020 Category: Houseboat Tips

10 Things You Can Enjoy During Your Summer Houseboat Rental

Planning a houseboat vacation this summer? You may be wondering what all there is to do while embarking on a week-long waterfront adventure. Here at Callville Bay Resort and Marina, we’ve made a list of the top 10 things you can enjoy during your summer houseboat rental.

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What Does The Lake Mead Water Level Rising Mean For You?

As the sparkling blue waters of Lake Mead glisten at the base of the red rock canyons that surround it, it’s hard to believe that this incredible sight is a man-made creation. While Lake Mead may be a popular tourist destination and the perfect place to enjoy water sports, it also plays an integral role in the community by providing nearby residents with the fresh water they need to survive. 

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Date: 03.18.2020 Category: History Houseboat Tips

5 Things You Need to Know Before Renting a Houseboat

Thinking about renting a houseboat on Lake Mead? We’ve come up with five things you need to know before making your reservation. 

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Date: 11.14.2019 Category: Houseboat Tips Houseboat Vacations