Lake Mead to Las Vegas: 5 Top Things To See or Do Along the Way  

If you’re making the trip from Lake Mead to Las Vegas, you may want to plan a few stops along the way. It’s not a difficult trip, often taking under […]

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Date: 04.12.2023 Category: Hiking Houseboat Vacations Things To Do

Things to Know Before Renting a Houseboat on Lake Mead  

Every year, thousands of people travel to Las Vegas to visit the casinos and try their chances with lady luck. For others, the lure of camping or hiking in the […]

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Top 10 Adventurous Things to Do at Lake Mead  

Looking for a bit of adventure? If your idea of vacationing is to do anything but relax in the sun, Lake Mead may be the perfect spot to spend your […]

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Date: 09.15.2021 Category: Hiking Things To Do

Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Lake Mead  

Lake Mead has something for everyone to enjoy from the beautiful mountains and landscape surrounding it to the fantastic experiences on the water itself. Planning a visit here means taking […]

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Date: 06.16.2021 Category: Fishing Hiking Things To Do Where to Stay

Top 7 Family-Friendly Hikes at Lake Mead  

Visiting Lake Mead allows you to embrace nature in a new way. This is the type of experience that is ideal for the whole family. While there’s much to do […]

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Date: 01.14.2021 Category: Hiking Things To Do

Top 3 Lake Mead Hiking Trails

Lake Mead is a vacation destination for just about any type of traveler. Those who like to relax on the shores and enjoy waterfront views will be amazed at the […]

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Date: 02.21.2019 Category: Hiking