What You Might Catch On A Lake Mead Fishing Trip

Date: May 25, 2018
Category: Fishing

Located in both Nevada and Arizona, Lake Mead is one of the largest water reservoirs in the country. Formed by the Hoover Dam, this lake not only provides much of the West with its water supply, but it also provides travelers with plenty of opportunities to enjoy water sports and activities. Those who are planning a Lake Mead fishing trip may be surprised by the wide variety of fish that take the bait.

Types of Fish Commonly Found on Lake Mead

  • Striped Bass — The striped bass are most often caught near Willow Bay, Las Vegas Bay, Temple Bar and Overton. They love anchovies and fishing lures.
  • Rainbow Trout — Lure these fish in with cheese and marshmallows. You are most likely to catch rainbow trout near Willow Beach and Black Canyon.
  • Channel Catfish — Bottom fishing provides you with the greatest chance of catching a channel catfish. These fish love prepared stink bait.
  • Largemouth Bass — Your early morning and late evening fishing excursions will provide you with the best opportunity to catch a largemouth bass. Night crawlers and minnows make great bait, and you should head to the shorelines to try and catch one.
  • Bluegill — The fish canyon walls are where the bluegill fish hang out. They are attracted to minnows, insects and worms.
  • Black Crappie — Easy to spot in clear water, the black crappie love both minnows and crickets.

Information for Fishing on Lake Mead

While on board a watercraft such as a houseboat, fishing is permissible 24 hours a day. Anyone who is fishing on Lake Mead does need to have a valid fishing license, and additional stamps may be necessary to fish in both the Nevada and Arizona sections of the lake.

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