Lake Mead Water Sports You’ll Want to Try

Date: October 22, 2019
Category: Things To Do

With over 247 square miles of water to use as your personal playground, Lake Mead boasts plenty of opportunities to go try out a new water sport. From skimboarding to water skiing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Take a look at the list of water sports you’ll want to try during your next visit to Lake Mead.


Skimboarding is just like surfing, but with a smaller board and you’re closer to shore. Skimboarders glide across the shallow waters into incoming waves and back to shore. This water sport is typically practiced on sandy beaches where there aren’t many rocks in the way. 


You don’t need ocean waves to go surfing! When wakesurfing, a rider will trail behind a boat’s wake without holding on to a tow rope. A special wakesurf board is required to successfully ride the waves, so make sure you do your research before renting out any ol’ board.


Wakeboarding is a thrilling water sport that is just as fun to do as it is to watch. Riders stand on a wakeboard (which is shorter than a surfboard and has foot bindings) and are towed behind a motorboat by a cable or rope. Wakeboarders can do everything from riding the wake to performing midair flips and acrobatics.


Want to practice gaining your balance on a board before catching your first wave? Try paddleboarding! All you need is a paddleboard and an oar. You can either stand up or start on your knees, whichever you feel more comfortable with. 

Water Skiing

Water skiing has been around for quite some time and is one of the most popular water sports performed today, especially on calm lake waters. Water skiers typically skim across the smooth water surface on two skis towed by a motorboat or specific water skiing boat. 


Fun for all ages, tubing on the lake doesn’t require much skill other than a firm grip. All you need is a motorboat, a tow rope, and an inflated tube with handles. If you’re feeling daring, ask your captain to take a few sharp turns to send you flying in the opposite direction!


Generally recognized as an easy water sport to learn, kneeboarding requires a short board, a motorboat, and a tow rope. It is very similar to wakeboarding but you are strapped down by a Velcro strip around your thighs and you’re much closer to the water if you take a spill. 

Ready to try out one of these water sports during your next trip to Lake Mead? Give us a call at 800-255-5561 and we’d be happy to accommodate your thrill-seeking needs with a watercraft and houseboat to complete your vacation.