Houseboat Rentals Nevada | Wet Weather Great for Lake Mead

Date: October 7, 2016
Category: Houseboat Tips


Some people may think that houseboat rentals in Nevada will be adversely affected by wet weather, but Nevada residents and houseboat fans have news for you. Wet weather is actually a boon to Lake Mead and can impact the lake’s water levels for years to come.

Lake Mead Fluctuations

When Lake Mead was designed, it was made to accommodate large fluctuations in water levels. The water level at Lake Mead is impacted both by the amount of inflow and the amount of outflow. For example, in years where the outflow exceeds the inflow the water level will drop. If there are several years where this occurs, the drop in the lake level can result in significant differences in shorelines.

On the other hand, in years when the runoff inflow exceeds the outflow, that extra water is not released. Instead, it is retained in the reservoir causing the lake levels to rise again. Due to these natural fluctuations, The National Park Service recommends that boaters treat Lake Mead as though it is their first visit every time.

Lake Mead Wet Weather Activities

If you happen to be on a houseboat on Lake Mead and it is raining, there is no need for the blues. Believe it or not, a rainstorm is one of the best times for photography at Lake Mead. Desert rains, on the other hand, are rare. Thanks to the vast, open landscape of the area, you can often see them approaching as dark storm clouds in the distance. These heavy clouds provide stunning contrast against the natural reds and oranges of the shoreline.

For those who would rather stay inside and hunker down when it rains, we have equipped each boat in our fleet with at least one television and DVD player.

A little rain provides the perfect opportunity to relax with some popcorn and a good movie. Or you can challenge your boat mates to some friendly competition with card or board games. After all, time spent with good friends and family is never a washout, even when it’s raining.

Lake Mead offers fantastic houseboating, no matter the weather. After a few years of low inflow, however, wet weather is welcome at Lake Mead. During late fall, Lake Mead is typically at its highest level of the year, making it a great time to visit.

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