Decorating for the Holidays on your Lake Mead Houseboat Rental

Date: December 24, 2018
Category: Houseboat Tips Houseboat Vacations

A Lake Mead Houseboat rental is the perfect escape this holiday season. If you’re planning a trip on the water soon, we’ve come up with a few ways to make your stay a bit more festive with these holiday decorating tips below.


Hang Up Your Stockings


Lightweight, inexpensive red stockings are the perfect addition to your houseboat holiday décor. Simply pack a few in your suitcase (they take up absolutely no room at all) along with some tape, and hang them along the cabinets in the kitchen! We just ask that you please use clear scotch tape to avoid damaging the furniture/cabinets.


Bring Along Your Tree


A mini 3-foot artificial tree is the perfect addition to your cozy wintery houseboat vacation. As small as it is, you won’t have trouble finding a place to put it for all to enjoy. We suggest placing your tree somewhere in the living room, next to the glass door, or even on the countertop. For some extra holiday cheer, consider making your own ornaments during family time to commemorate your stay on the water this holiday.


Holiday Mugs with Goodies inside


If you want to add a little extra *useful* décor to your houseboat, bring along your favorite holiday mugs! We love this décor idea because it serves two purposes! You can line them up on the countertop or dining room table with goodies in them like hot chocolate packets and candy canes, and then drink from them later that evening.


Create Your Own Homemade Snowflakes


Do you remember cutting out snowflakes using only paper and a pair of scissors as a kid? It’s time to relive that childhood memory. Create a wonderful winter display of unique snowflakes you can tape along the windows of your boat for everyone inside and out to enjoy. Since you probably won’t see any snow during your trip to Lake Mead, these homemade snowflakes are the perfect alternative.


Don’t Forget the Tinsel


Hang up tinsel all around the inside (or outside) or your houseboat this holiday season. It adds the perfect amount of sparkle and flair needed to get you in the festive mood. You can string some lights along the tinsel to brighten them up or leave them as is, it’s up to you!

Headed to Lake Mead this holiday season? We hope to see you at Callville Bay Resort and Marina!

From our family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!