10 Things You Would Never Expect On a Lake Mead Vacation

Date: June 27, 2018
Category: Houseboat Vacations

With over 550 miles of pristine shoreline and soaring red rock cliffs, Lake Mead has so many fun recreational opportunities. Many families who go on a vacation to Lake Mead are surprised by its “hidden gem” qualities. Here are some things you’d never expect on a Lake Mead vacation.


  1. The beaches are surprisingly rocky and then precariously smooth all at once. You’ll need water shoes if you plan to walk safely in the water and on the beach. The terrain is incredibly rocky in some areas, and some guests have said they can sink into the sand up to their shins in other areas.


  1. The lake is hidden in plain sight. When driving to Lake Mead from Las Vegas, many passersby do a double take to confirm that there is in fact a lake in the distance. It’s hard to imagine a large body of water surrounded by so much desert. Look for the sun’s glare reflecting off the water!


  1. The fish are friendly! Don’t be surprised to find friendly little fish gathering in large groups near the marina waiting for you to toss them some food. Consider it a warm welcome from the locals.


  1. Jet skis and boats should steer clear of shallow shore. Because many families are swimming and playing in the shallow waters near the beach, jet skis and boats are asked to avoid those areas. Make sure you brush up on boating rules before you go, so you’re not surprised when you reach Lake Mead.


  1. There are gorgeous hiking opportunities. While you’re probably coming for some fun on the water, you can lower your anchor and follow one of the hiking trails for a daytime activity on dry land. The friendly rangers will even give you tips on how to see some wildlife.


  1. You can sleep on the water! When you rent a houseboat from Callville Bay, you can have even more fun on the water for an extended stay.


  1. It’s near Hoover Dam. Sometimes people forget that Lake Mead is so close to Hoover Dam. It’s a great place to stop on your way to or home from your Lake Mead vacation.


  1. The drive to Callville Bay is just as pretty as the lake. With stunning views of the jagged mountains surrounding the water, you’ll enjoy the drive to the marina at Callville Bay just as much as the fun on the water.


  1. The water is warm. Those who vacation at the lake a lot are sometimes surprised by how warm the water is at Lake Mead. Jump on in!


  1. It’s a top destination for scuba diving. Lake Mead is often highlighted as one of the top freshwater lakes in the world for scuba diving. You’ll find numerous underwater caves and canyons with an extensive white gypsum reef area.


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